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Ready to witness the fusion of two racket worlds? Dive into the world of pickleball with Sara and discover the exhilarating twists and turns of this unique sporting-changing adventure! Meet Sara Seivane, the tennis sensation who will be making waves in the pickleball scene! 

Join her on this court-to-court transformative journey.


Enjoy the fusion of skill, strategy, and pure athleticism as Sara transitions from the tennis court to the pickleball court. MBT will follow her journey and report her success. The transition will showcase Sara's versatility and adaptability as she navigates the nuances of pickleball's distinctive rules and smaller court and net. 


Known for her powerful and consistent groundstrokes and unmatched grit and determination, Sara brings an exciting flair to pickleball. Follow Sara on this thrilling journey as she redefines her game, combining the finesse of tennis with the fast-paced nature of pickleball.


From trophies to medals, rackets to paddles, and volleys to dinks, the transition will be fun.

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